About Us

Welcome to RegistrifyMe by Adjuva Legal®️ – where we believe getting married should be more about the fun and less about the forms.

Who Are We?

We’re a bunch of romantics who also happen to be ace at acing bureaucracy. Think of us as your friendly neighbourhood marriage registrars. Our squad is made up of legal wizards, paperwork ninjas, and support gurus, all united by a single mission: to streamline your ‘officially together’ journey.

Our Story

It all started when our founders, Utkarsh Srivastava and Saket Sambhav, saw their friends tangled up in the red tape of marriage registration. They thought, “Why not sprinkle some fairy dust on this?” And voilà! RegistrifyMe was born, a place where love meets logistics.

Vision of RegistrifyMe

To be the guiding light for couples on their journey to marital bliss, transforming the cumbersome necessity of marriage registration into a warm, effortless, and memorable part of their love story.

We envision a future where every couple in India can celebrate their union with ease and assurance, knowing the legalities are handled with care, precision, and a touch of joy.

cartoonish newly wedded couple in India

Mission of RegistrifyMe​

  • To Simplify: We’re on a mission to streamline the marriage registration process, making it accessible, understandable, and hassle-free for every couple in India.
  • To Support: To provide unwavering, round-the-clock support to our couples, ensuring they feel confident, cared for, and connected at every touchpoint.
  • To Celebrate: We commit to honoring the cultural richness of Indian weddings, respecting every tradition, and celebrating the diversity of the matrimonial tapestry.
  • To Innovate: Constantly innovate and leverage technology to create seamless experiences that cater to the modern couple’s needs.
  • To Empower: Educate and empower couples about their legal rights and the importance of marriage registration in safeguarding their future together.

Our Founders

Utkarsh Srivastava


Saket Sambhav


From college buddies to co-captains of Adjuva Legal LLP and RegistrifyMe ships, Utkarsh and Saket have always shared a common vision: to simplify the complex.

It was during the wedding of a mutual friend that they found their calling. Struck by the complex maze of marriage registration, they decided it was high time for a change.

Utkarsh brings to the table a wealth of legal expertise, an eye for detail, and a knack for making even the most complex legalese sound like a cakewalk. When he isn’t busy untangling legal knots, he can be found playing with his sweet daughter.

Saket is the tech whiz and creative force, always finding innovative ways to blend technology with tradition. With a pulse on the latest digital trends, he ensures that RegistrifyMe stays ahead of the curve. Outside of the office, Saket’s passion for travelling and reading books keeps him inspired.

Together, they’re a duo that’s all about celebrating love and legalities with equal enthusiasm. They’re committed to giving every couple a smooth sail from their big day to their big document, and they’re just getting started.

Let's make your marriage registration as fun as the wedding itself!🎉

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees or charges
  • Secure payment system with instant refund
  • Free delivery of papers
  • Seamless communication channels, 24*7*365